Guest room phone G9002A

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1、SMT entire automatically installs the primary device (mobile phones, wireless telephone and so on upscale product with same production line)
2、Imports the ABS plastic, imports the PC material, exclusive recipes, is unique anti- falls guards and against the ultraviolet ray function
3、Uses the double color to cast as well as a more advanced laser carves characters, the seepage printing craft, causes the key never to attrition
4、The specialized design surface version, may print material and so on hotel insignia, telephone use guide, hotel servicing facility,greatly promotes the hotel image
5、One key connect (+10)
6、The mature lines design of message lamp, is suitable for each kind of model switchboard
7、DTMF dialing
8、Flash time adjustable to different exchange and three way talk , standard flash time is 600ms
9、Music on hold
10、Electronic ring melody , Volume four level adjustable , New incoming message LED indicator
11、Auto follow call;Auto hang up
12、Data socket
13、thunder-proof and Anti_EMI design


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